This online program, which is embedded in the Master of Public Administration, prepares students to critically analyze, improve and implement effective public policy in public- and private-sector programs and services that focus on the health care industry.

Through this program, individuals with degrees in various disciplines will acquire an understanding of health care administration that will enable them to apply their expertise to this critically important field. Moreover, those who have clinical backgrounds but no formal management training will acquire the skills and competencies necessary for supervising workers in health care settings.

See the MPA Health Administration option page for more information. Nine units of credit earned in this certificate program can also be used to satisfy the requirements of the CSUN Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA).

Program Format

This program is taught in the cohort format in which students enter and proceed through the course of instruction as a group. Features unique to the cohort format:

  • A predetermined course schedule
  • Guaranteed enrollment in every class
  • Courses presented sequentially, one at a time, in an accelerated mode
  • Interactive group learning
  • Online MPA courses start Fall 2016
    Those who wish to take the MPA with the Health Administration option must apply for admission to the Fall 2016 semester.


The certificate program's curriculum comprises five Health Sciences courses that concentrate on crucial aspects of health administration.

course name
HSCI 513 Leadership in Health Administration Practice
HSCI 523 Seminar in Health-Care Organization
HSCI 613 Managing Change in Health-Care Organizations
HSCI 510 Systems for Health Delivery in the U.S.
HSCI 511 Health Services Administration Theory and Practice


IMPORTANT NOTE TO APPLICANTS: All communications between CSUN staff/faculty and potential or actual applicants to our programs are treated as part of the overall application processes and may be considered in making appropriate admissions decision to any CSUN program.