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The English Language and Cultural Experience (ELCE)

This short-term program combines language training with cultural activities and is typically three weeks long, providing 15 hours per week of morning in-class instruction, combined with various activities on and around the university campus.

The program offers activities where students can interact with US and other international students. Language and culture instruction takes place each morning, Monday-Friday from 9-12. During the first half of the morning, instruction focuses on speaking and listening with an emphasis on accuracy and fluency. The second half is devoted to culture and conversation.

The entire curriculum is designed not only to improve English-language proficiency but also to provide an awareness and appreciation of American culture – especially that of the Los Angeles area.

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Customized Short Programs for Groups

Tseng college brings extensive experience and expertise to customizing programs for groups from around the world. These programs can last from two weeks to two semesters. In recent years, customized programs have been offered in areas including;

  • English
  • English and Critical Thinking
  • TEFL teacher training
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Administration
  • Fashion Industry

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your school or company to create a course specifically tailored to your goals.

For more information on the ELCE or Customized Short Program, please submit your information via the form on the right side of this page.

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