Application Deadline: June 29, 2017

CSUN’s two-year online Master of Science in Engineering Management program prepares engineers to transition into management positions within engineering and technical firms. The transition would enable engineers in leadership positions to lead and excel in senior roles in contemporary organizations. In a competitive and demanding global economy, professional engineering practice is increasingly complex, which raises the demand for well-educated engineers and technical professionals who can design new solutions and lead innovative teams to give an organization a competitive advantage.

Engineering companies depend heavily on innovative, agile responses to emerging opportunities and challenges, the creation and management of diverse talent, and the anticipation of market needs to gain and hold a competitive edge. This program equips graduates with the tools and principles necessary to find innovative management solutions for the modern engineering industry.

Prepare for Success in Leadership Roles

Engineering managers had a median pay of $132,800 in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2015, California ranked first of all the states with the highest employment level in this occupation, with an annual mean wage of $165,800. The expanding job market will increasingly favor engineers with the communication and business management skills that are as necessary as advanced technical knowledge.

Managers in engineering firms often take on leadership positions without formal training, which adds to the already challenging transition. Over the last decade, engineering and technical firms have immersed themselves into a globally competitive marketplace and significantly diversified their work. As a result, in addition to expertise in engineering, managers also need formal leadership training now more than ever before. This degree will prepare graduates to manage complex, evolving organizations. It will also reshape knowledge, skills, and abilities to help graduates transition from hands-on engineers into managers who:

  • Know the technical and business aspects in the field today.
  • Understand the dynamics of the contemporary global marketplace.
  • Address the challenges of forming and leading productive, innovative and virtual teams of diverse professionals.

Graduates will be highly effective project and resource managers. They will gain the sophisticated skills and abilities required to manage and lead teams of professionals and support staff of any unit or project team.

Program Educational Advantages

Program participants will:

  • Develop project management skills and the ability to respond successfully to challenges of managing technical projects.
  • Learn how to effectively lead and manage diverse teams of engineers and technical professionals.
  • Hone analytic, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Acquire practical solutions to the challenges of working in a global business environment, including issues of economic feasibility, project marketing, scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Learn about the dynamics of innovation and solution design.
  • Gain a mastery of supply chain management, quality management, and sustainability to add immediate value to their organizations.

Advantages of the Program’s Design

  • This is a fully-online program that gives the working professional significant flexibility and allows participants to continue to work full-time while earning their degree.
  • The program is offered in a cohort format, which builds a strong learning community. Largely as a result of this format, CSUN’s fully-online graduate programs commonly have on-time graduation rates of 75% or more, with some reaching over 90%.
  • Graduates from the program earn both the M.S. in Engineering Management and the CSUN University Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.
  • Courses feature workshops and assignments with immediate real-world application; graduates will gain firsthand insight on quality management, supply chain systems, risk management, innovation, finance, and more.
  • Courses are taught by accomplished CSUN faculty as well as leading practitioners with years of experience in engineering and high-tech firms.

Manage and Innovate with Impact

An effective engineering manager not only excels at managing resources and projects but also understands the business components that make a product or service viable in the marketplace. This program highlights how to align products and firms with the market through innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation is an ongoing process throughout engineering firms, and the ability to be innovative in the workplace provides a strong competitive advantage. Furthermore, an understanding of entrepreneurship will allow graduates to create additional value in new or existing firms. Courses will focus on the challenges faced by technical entrepreneurs and will help graduates build the skills, tools, and techniques necessary to lead and manage innovative and entrepreneurial teams.

The CSUN University Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

In addition to receiving a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management, graduates will also receive a CSUN University Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. This graduate credit certificate is embedded in the master’s degree, so successful graduates earn both credentials. The CSUN University Certificate is designed for those seeking professional development in entrepreneurship and innovation at the graduate level. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have an understanding of the fundamental principles of technology management, technical innovation and entrepreneurship, engineering economy and finance, leadership, marketing, and strategies for sustainability. Whether you are launching a high-tech start-up, leading an entrepreneurial unit within an established technical organization, or working in a senior position in a mid-size or large engineering firm, successful completion of this program will significantly add to your ability to lead and innovate through the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset.